Deep Checkbox 0.1.1

jQuery plugin that brings some logic to nested checkboxes

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We have multidimensional list like on the following example. Here's checkboxes that are nested in LI-elements (by the way, this nesting is necessary for plugin work).

Children checkboxes are inherit parent's property. Is possible to uncheck automatically checked items — that will exceptions. Also you can set element to display human-readable list of checked and excepted checkboxes there.

Selected items (readable):

Selected items: []

Excepted items: []

Plugin should be called to selector wrapping whole list:

<div class="wrapper">
            <input type="checkbox" data-id="item" data-name="Item" /> Item
                <li><input type="checkbox" data-id="subitem1" data-name="Subitem 1" /> Subitem 1</li>
                <li><input type="checkbox" data-id="subitem2" data-name="Subitem 2" /> Subitem 2</li>
                <li><input type="checkbox" data-name="Subitem 3" /> Subitem 3</li>


Plugin can be called with following options:

    readableListTarget: '.selector', // Selector for element(s), where will be displayed readable text with checked items
    listItemBefore: '<span class="item">', // Prefix before each item in readable list
    listItemAfter: '</span>', // Suffix after each item in readable list
    listItemsDivider: ', ', // Divider between items in readable list
    labelExceptBefore: ' (except ', // Text before exceptions in readable list
    labelExceptAfter: ')', // Text after exceptions in readable list
    labelExceptBetween: ')', // Text between exceptions in readable list
    labelNothingIsSelected: ')', // Option for substitution of "Nothing is selected" text
    onChange: function (items, except) { // This function will be called when user is interacting with checkboxes
        console.log(items); // First parameter is list of checked items
        console.log(except); // Second parameter is list of exceptions

Plugin is using data-id and data-name attributes in checkboxes. They are not necessary; if not set — it would be generated (see Alkmaar & Liège items of example).

data-name is value that will display in readable list when corresponding checkbox is set positive (should be the same as text near checkbox). data-id is what will be passed as array item into callback function onChange.